Is conscience a more powerful motivator than money, fame, or power?

7 Jun

The choice between right and wrong can be hard when one has to make difficult decision. One’s conscience is greatly influenced by upbringing and moral values. Therefore, most people would choose to follow their conscience, to do what is right, no matter what the outcome may be.

Martin Luther King Jr sacrificed his own welfare to help black people. In the past, many black people didn’t have opportunity to get jobs and live a long with the whites. They were discriminated by the whites only because of their skin color. However, a black man, Martin Luther King Jr changed white’s perspective of black people. Instead of using violence against the whites, he rather chose to solve problems in peace. Majority of black people supported Martin Luther King Jr and he had many speeches to show their right of living. He spent his whole life to make peace between the whites and blacks.

Bill Gates followed his heavy heart by giving half of his fortune. Although rich people avoid others However, some of them use their influence in a positive way by following what their heart says to do. For example, Bill Gates chooses to give his entire fortune to charity instead of his children, so that many people could benefit instead of just his kids.

To do what is right provides people with a happiness that does not go away. On the other hand, money and fame only provide temporary happiness, more than likely, bring more pain than happiness. Conscience dominate over money, fame, and power since it gives more powerful motivator.


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